Our History

This is the body of your "About" page. Viewers go to this page to find out everything about your business. And we mean everything. The beauty of this page? You control the content. Explain what your business is about, what your mission is, and how you came to be the business you are today. This is your soapbox. Think about the who, what, where, when and why of your business. The ultimate goal? When people are done reading your "About" page, we want them nodding their heads thinking, “Yeah, I dig that.”

Our Vision

Your "About" page can include as many page blurbs as you need (We recommend two-three). Each page blurb should be about 100-150 words. Need help writing content for your "About" page? Consider splitting up your "About" page into different topics. Common topics include: the history of your business, your mission statement, your vision, what separates you from your competition, what your business specializes in, any influential figures or events that helped your business get to where it is today, and the list goes on.

- All delivery orders placed online must contain the correct delivery address, as well as the phone number with which our delivery drivers can get a hold of the customer. Be advised that any and all orders that are placed are non-refundable in the event that the customer is unreachable during or at the time of delivery. In the event of an online customer input error, involving the delivery destination address or contact information, Hibachi Box will resend the food but the customer will be held responsible for the payment of a secondary delivery fee. Hibachi Box is located in Richmond, VA, and will not refund online pickup/takeout/delivery
orders placed unintentionally by customers residing in locations beyond a reasonable distance.


Hibachi Box

411 N Harrison St,,

Richmond, VA 23220

Phone. 804-204-1844